The Collection


Incipience: An Introduction to Perfect Ideals

Hollow Shells

Sixty-Six Days

Be My Friend

The Happy Pills


A Dedication

Quiet, Yellow Man

Relativity of Pain

Designing a Life

Bad at School

775-784-8090, 800-273-8255, 800-442-4673

Ten Seconds

We’re All Ducks!

Alcoholics Unanimous

Daylio: Taking Your Mood Data

Harder Ways: Introduction

Harder Ways: The Importance of Time

Harder Ways: How to Buy Your Happiness

Harder Ways: Running Away

Our Own Road

A Broke College Spring Break

A Broke Spring Break: The Packing Process

A Broke Spring Break: Day 1

A Broke Spring Break: Day 2

A Broke Spring Break: The Finale

The Light Phone 2: A Flawed Revolution

A Mental Prison

re: A Mental Prison

More to It

Lots to Tell

No Humans Needed

Strange Times

Being Better

Good Bean Juice

Back to the Surface

Be Mad

The Right Diagnosis

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Everything’s Against You