Harder Ways: Introduction

the issues we have

The 21st century is a world built on convenience. The simpler and easier something is to do, the more we’re sold on it.

Ubers let us get from point A to B with a press of a button. Tinder basically eliminates the real-life dating fears everybody has. Venmo and PayPal let us send money instantly.

Take the newest technology revolution: smart homes. With just a spoken phrase or press of a button, your entire house can cater to your every need: changing your house’s temperature, dimming your lights, or even playing your favorite music. Cars are even getting to the point where they can start using your house’s WiFi network.

Outside of a technological standpoint, as its sole purpose is to make our lives more efficient, company services like Amazon Prime Now and Google Express don’t even require us to shop inside a physical store anymore. Walmart is chasing the competition closely as they roll out their grocery pickup and delivery services.

So, what does this mean?

We can do almost everything from our couch. Groceries can be ordered off of a laptop, lights or temperature controlled by our voice, and even human interaction can be replaced with video-calling solutions like Skype or FaceTime. Our holiday presents come prewrapped for a couple of dollars and can be delivered straight to the recipient’s door.

Yet while it’s getting easier and easier to do everything, it’s also getting harder and harder to get more out of life. With all of this time on our hands, we’re left with empty chunks of our day. Instead of taking an hour to run to our nearest grocery store, we’re literally taking a couple of minutes to reorder our last pantry. Menial tasks can be replaced with automated machines like smart litter boxes and robot vacuums.

But what are we doing with all of our time?

Not a whole lot.

In this idle state, I’ve even witnessed myself begin to squander my time, resorting to checking meaningless social media on my phone, sitting around listening to music, or even buying things in an attempt to restore some excitement to my life.

These things that are intended to save us time and make our lives more efficient are there because they allow us to spend our time more wisely in other aspects of our lives, not just have more of it. It’s a limited resource that, unless utilized correctly and effectively, is lost to the passage of time.

We can never get a minute we waste back.

And there are a wide variety of solutions for this boredom, the feeling of “ugh, I have nothing to do” we feel increasingly often. We can either choose to aimlessly waste our energy or make active steps forward to improve our lives.

In this next few blog posts, I’m going to be outlining the ways to go about finding things to do, whether it be conducive to a more fulfilled future or just a quick fix.

The intent of this series is for us to get a grip on life. We as a society are spending too little time on what matters and too much time on things that have little to no positive consequences.

Please, read intently.

You will find for yourself the first steps to living a more deliberate life. Here is the series:

Harder Ways: The Importance of Time

Harder Ways: How to Buy Your Happiness

Harder Ways: Running Away

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16 thoughts on “Harder Ways: Introduction”

  1. This is a very thought-provoking piece. You’re right, we can never regain a lost moment. I’m especially aware of this now that I’m a parent, and cannot afford to be idle a single moment of the day – but also cannot afford NOT to take time to be there for my kiddos, because they will not be this age forever!

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    1. That’s an incredible perspective! As a young adult, I’m not aware of the temporary nature of so many things in life. If we miss it, we might never get it back.


  2. I am so excited for this series. You’re SOOO right. Life is easier and everything is at our fingertips but it seems like more and more ppl are miserable and feel like they’re missing something. Excited for this.

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  3. I think the need of technology is with the younger crowd then the older crowd. The older crowd has managed before it and I think uses it as a luxury. The younger crowd has gotten spoiled with the endless capabilities of shopping online, reading books online etc.

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    1. I just used technology as an example for how our world has slowly given us more time in our days to do things, yet many of us opt to choose behaviors that aren’t furthering our situation. I do agree with you, however, that the younger generations haven’t lived a life without these services and conveniences, so they don’t know *how* to live without them.


  4. It’s amazing how much technology is in our lives. We have an echo that I can use to turn the tv on and off. I haven’t done grocery pickup yet because, as a food blogger, I like to take a close look at my ingredients.

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  5. If only more people would take the time to put the technology away. I think it’s absolutely crazy that a 2 year old could work an iPad better than an adult can. I wish that we could just take a few steps back and be thankful for the great outdoors and what it has to offer. People are too much about convenience and getting so lazy.

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    1. There definitely needs to be some regulation. I think with my latest post, I outline steps that some companies are working towards to possibly regress in our dependency on technology. I’ll definitely be giving my kids something like a Light Phone 2.


  6. This is SO true! I feel like we have all forgotten how to really enjoy life. We are always on the go and everything is at our fingertips, which I think technology is great and glad we have it, the only problem is we wouldn’t be able to survive without it now. It’s nice to unplug and enjoy the time we are given. This is a fantastic series, I’m looking forward to reading more!

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  7. Wow this is so true. Its kind of scary how reliant we are on technology these days! Definitely good to keep our kids balanced and teach them moderation with it!


  8. It’s really true. I’m always happy when I can walk away from my phone and just enjoy my day without worrying about it. It’s very freeing!


  9. I am so in that category of the times. I like to buy my own groceries though. Even going to the movies is weird now because everyone is on their phones. Our constant connection makes it dificult to connet with other people. Thoughtul piece.


  10. This is definitely something to ponder. Things can definitely all be done from home now which is so insane. Staying connected is so important to the outside world.


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