The Second Week

There’s nothing like standing in the doorway to your tiny dorm room and thinking, “what/who could I possibly throw away/cut off/get to know better?” 70 times over the course of what was the second week undertaking my personal version of The Minimalists’ game.

My room is tidy now, cleaner than it’s ever been. Like The Minimalists said themselves, you wouldn’t walk into my room and gasp at the sheer emptiness of it — you’d just notice how neat it is. Everything goes where it needs to go, so I never have to go looking for something.

This challenge, although it hasn’t been easy, is extremely rewarding. Lowering the number of things that I have around me has given me a heightened sense of control over my surroundings. And control over my surroundings gives me a sense of control over my life.

The little game that I had modified has turned into so much more in its second week. It’s a strategists’ dream — there’s no longer anything spontaneous about it. On the first few days, I was just compulsively throwing something in the trash, grabbing something that seemed useless and tossing it. Now, when I’ve reached the double digits, things are far more deliberate — the pros and cons have to be weighed out equally.

Although it’s hard to let some things go, if the item falls under the category “it’d be nice to have…”, then I might as well not use it. I have a lot of labels on things that, when spring break rolls around, I’ll be handing to my parents and brother back home with the hope that they can make more use of it than I can.

Two of my TKE brothers drawing the symbol of our fraternity.


As for relationships, it’s even more difficult. When I left behind so many of my friendships back in high school when I graduated early, I found it annoyingly difficult to keep connections thriving; with so much time in between seeing old friends, some just dissolve away.

However, I have found that making new connections isn’t as hard as it might seem. A greeting and a “nice to meet you, I’m Lawrence” can go a long way. There was once a time where it absolutely scared the living hell out of me to say just that sentence, but now, things are different. With a sense of control established, confidence followed pretty naturally. Over the course of this last week, I’ve taken risks that I otherwise wouldn’t have, most of them proving to be positive (and let’s hope that it stays that way).

Today, I will have 15 things to get rid of or 15 relationships to make or break. This is looking to be an uphill battle, but I feel like the view at the top will be amazing.

Thanks for reading.